Dual Dwelling House




Why Choose Us


It all begins with the land. How much land do you have and what type of block is it? Is it level, slanted or woody? All these elements affect what sort of residence we can develop on your new land. Hashtag Custom Homes also offers excellent house and land packages where the house and land are already well matched for you.


When planning your dream home an additional essential factor to think is your family and the kind of lifestyle you lead. The first clear matter is ‘How big is your family?’ From there we think more factors. What are the lifestyle imports of different family members and how will this impact the home layout? Do you like to entertain, have a growing family, hobbies, or a home business?


After land and family factors are thought we step on to your budget for a brand-new home. How much do you need to spend? This will involve what type of home and what inclusions and other options you can afford to include. We have the range of 3 to 5-star inclusions to choose from. Hashtag Custom Builds team will operate with you to choose and adapt strategies that fits your financial plan.